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Refactor Mercilessly

April 7, 2009 Leave a comment

One of the montras of Extreme Programming (XP) is Refactor Mercilessly and that is something all good software developers must do.

Here’s a couple paragraphs from

“We computer programmers hold onto our software designs long after they have become unwieldy. We continue to use and reuse code that is no longer maintainable because it still works in some way and we are afraid to modify it. But is it really cost effective to do so? Extreme Programming (XP) takes the stance that it is not. When we remove redundancy, eliminate unused functionality, and rejuvenate obsolete designs we are refactoring. Refactoring throughout the entire project life cycle saves time and increases quality.”

“Refactor mercilessly to keep the design simple as you go and to avoid needless clutter and complexity. Keep your code clean and concise so it is easier to understand, modify, and extend. Make sure everything is expressed once and only once. In the end it takes less time to produce a system that is well groomed.”

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