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Jabber Bot

I’ve been inspired many times by reading through developer blogs from various companies: Atlassian, GitHub, Google, Etsy, etc.  I love to hear from other developers, how they work and how their company works.  I have borrowed many of these ideas and incorporated them into our workflow at Sentry.

I recently came across this blog post by Zach Holman from GitHub:

I’m no n00b to jabber bots.  Sentry has been using them for years, but mainly for alerting and error reporting.  I love being jabbered, with a full stack trace and supporting data, any time a problem occurs in our system.  It makes fixing things 10x easier.

I’ve also been using the jabber bot that Jenkins (fka Hudson) provides for several years and have always liked the idea of it.

I finally decided to make a bot to do our bidding at work.  We decided to call her GLaDOS, which many of you will recognize from the famous Portal game.

GLaDOS can now deploy to remote systems (via capistrano recipes), merge/commit changes to our various svn repositories, jabber other users, run caching scripts, and hopefully much more in the near future.

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