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Things I Learned in June

  1. Learned about several features of http://sequel.rubyforge.org/ that I didn’t know before.
    1. http://graffletopia.com/
  2. Bilderberg – We even drove by the Westfield’s Marriott to see it.  All fenced in, surrounded by police and a group of protestors. Pretty crazy.
  3. T-CLOCS
  4. git branch –merged, git branch –no-merged
  5. git commit –allow-empty
    1. git branch –contains SHA
    2. git config remotes.mygroup ‘remote1 remote2’; git fetch mygroup
    3. git config –global help.autocorrect 1
  6. Tables under a Materialized View can be altered like any other table. I had to widen a column and just ran alter table T modify C VARCHAR2(150);
    1. http://www.spartanrace.com
    2. Diphthong
  7. Oracle 11.2 LISTAGG Function
    1. Data URI Scheme  (Example: <img src=”…==” alt=”Red Dot” />)
  8. rbenv – alternative to RVM
    1. etckeeper
  9. Learned difference between Discrete and Discreet
    1. Learned Google Maps supports multiple destinations.
    2. Natural sign in piano music and sharps/flats not continuing after a measure.
  10. Tried on motorcycle gloves. You want mesh ones for summer riding and leather for winter.
  11. Mount Weather and The Greenbrier Hotel
  12. sftp -b to specify a batchfile.  sftp does not support a password argument, use ssh keys.
    1. Unix Expect – YouTube
  13. FTPS != SFTP
    1. lftp exists on unix and supports FTPS, ftp does not support FTP over SSL.
    2. ORA_ROWSCN – Psuedo Column to return System Change Notification for a record.
  14. Learned about “accidentals” and “lead sheets” when reading music.
  15. Duck Hunt Zapper
    1. ack-grep –ignore-dir=release -i chopper
  16. IronMan = Marathon Run, 112 Mile Bike, 2.4 Mile Swim
  17. Forearm Forklift
  18. Discover card is now accepted in London!
  19. Unix free
  20. ATT International Calling Plans/Options
  21. http://gatling-tool.org/
  22. Javascript functions, CSS styles, HTML IDs all with the same name can conflict in some browsers.
    1. Mootools Request.HTML has an append parameter.
  23. Learned how to patch fences on a farm. Cows get pink eye from grass irritation. Ashes are a good way to stop grass growth under fences.
    1. Learn how to make Carmel Popcorn.
  24. http://moodle.com/
    1. WordPress 3.4 Released – Cool new Live Preview mode.
  25. curl -w/–write-out “%{http_code} %{content_type}\n” to display response information.
  26. PHP Session will recreate on every page load if session.cookie_secure = 1 and you access the site via http.
  27. Thor‘s chariot is pulled by two goats (Norse mythology).
  28. http://getbarkeep.org/ – Peer/Code Review Software
  29. WordPress Function: wpautop
  30. Learned the follow from my friend John
    1. http://wpengine.com/
    2. Jacobite Train – Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter is in Scotland
    3. Unlock iPhone and buy a SIM card for international travel
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