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Things I Learned in July

August 4, 2012 Leave a comment
  1. How It’s Made Baseballs
  2. Chrome for iPhone
  3. Andy Griffith Died
  4. Derecho
  5. Searching for tabs:  grep -rl -P ‘\t’ –exclude-dir=.svn *
  7. Dynamo Magician Impossible
  8. Tour of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD
    1. The goat is their mascot
    2. plebe is a latin term for common person or “low order”.
    3. plebes cannot walk on curved sidewalks
    4. Bancroft Hall is the largest college dormitory in the world and houses all ~4500 midshipmen.  Has 8 wings and 5 miles of corridor.
    5. All 4500 students eat their meals family style at the same time in < 30 minutes.
  9. chrome://flags/
  10. A tilde (“~”) represents Nil / Empty in YAML (Ruby and PHP Symfony)
  11. curl -b/–cookie and -d/–data
    1. Moved to previous directory: cd –
  13. Include javascript files directly:
    1. CSS Selectors: h1 + p (adjacent sibling) and h1 ~ p (general sibling)
  15. Learned how to create a Custom WordPress Template and Custom Static pages for Home and Blog pages.
  18. Oracle: Pipelined functions require SQL types to be able to pipe collections of data to the consumer. Oracle will generate these SYS_PLSQL_* types on you behalf.
  19. MooTools: Cookie.write(‘XHPROF_PROFILE’); and Cookie.dispose(‘XHPROF_PROFILE’);
  20. Created first Symfony Console class and a Composer script class.
  22. Learned to make Bananas Fosters
    1. Vasodilation and Vasoconstriction
  23. Oracle 11g SecureFiles
  24. git stash pop
  25. Hops are what make beer taste bitter.
    1. NTFS = New Technology File System…. probably should have known that by now.
  27. Disable specific Oracle patches: alter session set “_fix_control“=’11814428:off’;
  28. Dotted Notes and Rests
    1. Olympic Symbol – 5 rings for the inhabited continents and 6 colors for all the nations flags in 1931.
  29. Learned about jacketed rounds and non-jacketed.  Flat nose and round nose bullets.
  30. Oracle: select * from v$version;
    1. Four Commonwealths in the US: Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts.
    1. Logic Lab