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Things I Learned in August

September 2, 2012 Leave a comment
  1. PL/SQL – EXIT leaves a LOOP, RETURN immediately leaves a subprogram
    1. Unix: lsof
  2. Libero – Volleyball
    1. The World – Residential Cruise
  3. Native PL/SQL Compilation
    1. alter session set plsql_code_type=’NATIVE’;
  4. CSS adjacent child selector can be used to target specific child: columnLayout > div + div + div. Nice way to remove right margin/padding from the last column
  5. CSS “position: absolute” respects all four corners: top, left, bottom, right
    1. WordPress Functions: make_clickable, get_page_link, wp_list_pages
  7. Oracle query using INTERSECT
    1. First time exchanging money and having Euros and British Pounds. Thanks Amex.
    2. Thunderbolt Interface
  8. CSS vendor specific prefix for IE: -ms-
    1. Interesting tidbit on memory allocation for stringstream.str().c_str()
  9. When Oracle 11.2 Client and 11.2 Server have different timezone configuration it raises ORA-01805
  10. NetWrix Account Lock Examiner
    1. wholesale unit of
    2. Twig Merge: []|merge(array) and {}|merge(hash)
    3. HTML5 required attribute cannot be used on HIDDEN elements
  11. Travertine
  12. If This Then That –
    1. Belkin WeMo
    2. Pushover
    3. NZB
  13. Oracle NVL2
  14. List javascript properties (Mootools): for (a in $(‘element_id’) { console.log (a); }
  15. Open files in tabs: vim file1 file2 -p
    1. Ruby load vs require
  16. Learned about different language concat operators.
    1. Heard about Perl 6 for the first time.
  17. ~4 hours of motorcycle classrom training on my way to being licensed.
  18. ~5 hours of motorcycle driving time
  19. Passed the DMV driving and written exams for my motorcycle license.
  20. Screen’s aclchg command
    1. First flight on Icelandair on my way to England
  21. First time in Iceland and England (London).
  22. Visited Bath, England – Saw Roman Baths
  23. Learned quite a few words that have different meaning between America and UK. (Ex. pants = underwear, trousers = long pants, bin = trash can, boot = car trunk)
  24. Learned a bit about Marlborough College
  25. Saw Platform 9 3/4 (Harry Potter) at London’s King Cross station
    1. Took The Original Tour bus all around London and saw some great sights.
  26. Took train from London to Durham, England
    1. Visited Durham University and Durham Cathedral
  27. Saw and stepped in the North Sea
  28. First time to Edinburgh, Scotland, visited Edinburgh Castle
  29. National Museum of Scotland and National Portrait Gallery
  30. Saw Holyrood House and Scottish Parlament buildings.
    1. Flew out of Glasgow International Airport
  31. MooTools Class.refactor