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Things I Learned in October

October 30, 2012 Leave a comment


  1. KnpLabs/snappy and mreiferson/php-wkhtmltox based on wkhtmltopdf
  2. Learned how to associate a filetype for VIM syntax highlighting.
  3. Learning how to write a PHP extension in C.
  6. Visited local motorcycle dealer and learned about rear, mid and forward controls. Since I’m tall, forward is preferred.
  7. Motorcycle Lingo: Hardtail has no rear suspension, Softtail does.
  8. Learned how to work with PHP ZVALs and resources when writing an extension in C.
  9. JavaScript on the Command Line via the wat talk.
  11. SQLPlus: NEW_VALUE
    1. git archive ––format=zip
  12. Learned of Oracle’s DBMS_SQL package.
  13. Learned “basima” means thank you (to a man) in Assyrian. Their language has specific words when directed towards men or women.
  14. Yonanas
  15. Learned Little Nemo by Winsor McCay was a comic strip before it was an NES game. Thanks Google.
  16. Learned more about Symfony2 custom authentication providers.
  17. Learned what a Tail call is.
  18. Switch between Mac Terminal windows using CMD+1, CMD+2, CMD+N
  19. HTTP Status Code 418
  20. Learned from a friend how iPhone Application submission and acceptance/rejection works.
  23. Twitter’s recess project
  24. Learned about XCode’s Storyboard functionality (iPhone).
    1. Learned how to use NSURLConnection to fetch JSON data and then parse and display it on the screen.
  25. Learned how to use the MapView object and plot locations on a map (iPhone).
    1. Used Google’s Geocoding API to turn an address into a Coordinate.
  26. Watched first Stanford University iPhone Development course on iTunes. Learning Objective-C syntax.
  27. Learned how to use NSNotificationCenter to notify controllers when data is available (iPhone).
    1. Learned how to post JSON data to a Rails create endpoint from an iPhone application.
  28. Learned and used Ruby Geocoder via Railscast.
  29. Learned how to pass data between view controllers with segue (iPhone).
  30. (Skills Tests) and (Typing Test for Programmers)
  31. GitHub’s

Things I Learned in September

October 2, 2012 Leave a comment


  1. Wine is stored on its side to keep the cork moist so it doesn’t shrink and let in oxygen which ruins the flavor.
  2. Rails gems: versionistdoorkeeper
    1. MooTools : periodical function
  4. Signed up for Hosted Chef
    1. Rails gem:
  5. Started using AWS Free Usage Tier with Hosted Chef
    1. Ant Tasks: include and import
    2. ember.js
  6. Created my first Chef Cookbook
  7. PL/SQL – Turn a list of numbers into a table:
    create type number_tab as table of number; 
    SELECT column_value AS my_id FROM TABLE(number_tab(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6));
    1. Oracle Error
      • Error: A Partition Maintenance Operation (PMOP) has been performed on the materialized view, and no materialized view supports fast refresh after container table PMOPs.
      • Solution:  dbms_mview.refresh(‘my_mview’, ‘C‘);
  8. Learned the differences between coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte. Also learned how they do Latte Art, which is now on my list to conquer.
  9. Ruby: Details on exit, exit!, at_exit
  10. Learned a lot about RSpec internals (matchers, use of method_missing, mocks/stubs), the features shared_examples_for, it _behaves_like, expect{}.to change, and explicit vs implicit subject().
  11. SQL*Loader Conventional vs Direct Path Loading.
  12. YouTube query string parameter to start video at a certain time.: Ex. t=7s and t=2m7s
  13. PL/SQL can pass parameters by reference or value.
  14. How to use RSpec with Rails Views (render, rendered, contain, assign) and Controllers (mock_model, stub_model).
  15. How to setup Autotest with RSpec using Bundler and Autotest with Cucumber.
  16. How to integrate Twitter’s Bootstrap project with Rails using bootstrap-sass.
  17. Learned about Rosetta Stones new TOTALe program and tried out the demo.
  18. Vapiano gives out gummy candy instead of mints as you walk out.
  19. vim file +100 – Jump directly to line 100
    1. vim -O file1 file2 – Opens files side by side
  20. Check load average on Unix: cat /proc/loadavg
  21. Test::Unit : ruby some_test.rb -n test_specific_method
  22. Incorporated HAML into an existing Rails application using haml-rails gem.
  23. Learned how to assemble several different items from Ikea. I have a brand new standing desk!
    1. Since PHP/PDO can’t return custom Oracle types. Use XMLTYPE to convert the type to a string so you can test against it:
      SELECT XMLTYPE(get_custom_type()) as xml_string from dual;
  26. Goats have square pupils.  Nutmeg is poisonous. My Proof
    1. Show *nix port usage (I’ve learned this probably 10x but still have to look it up each time): netstat -lpnt
  28. Learned that suhosin.session.cryptkey is determined by docroot and can be different on each vhost (unless specifically set). This caused session replication between servers to fail since data was being encrypted with two different keys.
  29. Google: do a barrel roll
  30. Learned there are a number of people speculating on the Iraqi Dinar as an investment opportunity.  I’m not one of them.