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Things I Learned in November

December 1, 2012 Leave a comment
  1. Learned about Ruby’s & operator to switch between a Proc to block and block to Proc.
  2. dbms_utility.format_error_backtrace();
  3. Learned how to create a custom UIViewTableCell and respond to different static table rows.
  4. Rails Authorization with CanCan
  5. iPhone SDK: NSUserDefaults
  8. Learned about mod_rpaf and passing client ips to apache from nginx.
  9. Learned about rails_upgrade plugin for converting app from Rails 2 to Rails 3
    1. Attended my first Virginia Tech football game (VT vs FSU)
  10. Ate at Biscuitville for the first time
  11. Indonesia consists of ~17,500 islands and ~742 different languages and dialects.
  12. Learning about Rails after_find and after_initialize callbacks and their usage difference with Rails 2 and 3.
  13. Used UISwitch and NSUserDefaults in an iPhone application to create a Favorites table view.
  14. Learned how to use savon to talk to the MindBody API
  15. Learned how to use UIView tag property to store an integer value and pass it along to the next view controller when performing a segue.
  16. Learned about and the fatsecret Ruby gem for talking to their RESTful API.
  17. Used devise gem in a rails application for the first time.
  18. Made my first real pumpkin pie from scratch. Included roasting the pumpking and making the crust by hand.
  19. Cryptic Ruby Global Variables and Their Meanings
  21. Learned about for proposal and contract management.
  22. Learned that letting dough rise all day causes the yeast and sugar to ferment and make perfectly good cinnamon rolls taste bad.
  23. Signed up for Amazon CloudDrive (5G free and dirt cheap for larger plans)
  24. Discovered ‘Send to Kindle‘ Chrome plugin.
  25. Shot a SigSauer P229 9MM, GLOCK .45 and S&W 38 Special revolver for the first time.
  26. Learned about some really cool work being done at for threat prevention and detection.
  27. Learned that Jenkin’s LDAP managerPassword is stored base64 encoded.
  28. Learned about for cloud based browser testing.
  29. Learned about rack-offline and html manifest file to support offline browsing.