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Things I Learned in December

January 3, 2013 1 comment
  1. Got sucked into Downton Abbey. Watched Season 1 using Amazon Video On Demand. Thanks to the 30 day Amazon Prime trial.
  2. Learned about the engineyard gem for command line deployments (ey deploy).
  3. Introduced to Librarian-Chef and the Cheffile for managing infrastructure repositories (gem install librarian).
  4. Static analyzer tool for numerous languages – Code Surveyor
  5. Learned that Google is offering all these services from their Cloud Platform
  6. Linter for Opscode Chef cookbooks: foodcritic
  7. Learning how to make sourdough bread from a starter.
  9. Learned how to do a many-to-many relationship in Rails using both has_many => :through and has_and_belongs_to_many
  10. The screenshot.png file in your WordPress theme is displayed when selecting a theme.
  11. Learned that oci_fetch_all doesn’t respect the OCI_BOTH flag but oci_fetch_array does.  Boo.
  12. How to deploy to Heroku via TravisCI
    1. Ace Editor
  13. Learned the formula for converting between Celsius and Farhrenheit:  (C * 9/5) + 32 = F  and the opposite is (F – 32) * 5/9 = C
  14. Learned about while learning about Resque for Rails.
  15. The YUM package manager stands for “Yellowdog Updater, Modified”.  A rewrite of Yellowdog Updater (YUP).
  16. Learned about the sudoku-like kenken
  17. Used GitHub OAuth Plugin to setup authentication on a local Jenkins instance.
  18. Implemented DbalSessionStorage object for Symfony 2.0, based on the 2.2 version
  19. Learned how to make homemade flour tortillas.
  20. Learned about __PHP_Incomplete_Class and that I needed to autoload a class to avoid it.
  21. Signed up for and got a free Nerd Life t-shirt.
  22. Got a history lesson about Hanakkah, never knew much about it.
  23. Experienced Raclette for the first time.
  24. Made croissant dough from scratch on my way to making egg souffles.
  25. Learned that a movie runtime includes the closing credits.
  26. How to setup custom domains with Heroku.
  27. Learned why NORAD started tracking Santa.
  28. LEGO – Comes from Danish words LEG GODT (play well).  LEGO in Latin means “I put together”
  29. YARD – Ruby Documentation
  30. NatGeo LEGO is impressive.
  31. 12 Days of Christmas has more meaning than I realized. The 12 days are between Dec 25 and Jan 6.